Meet the best mechanics team in Rwanda

Rwanda's premier bike shop and mechanics in the heart of Kigali. Read more about the team.

The bike division of the Tugende Bike Cafe is growing quickly. Time to present you to the team!

Our team is a diverse group of dedicated individuals, each bringing unique skills and experiences to create a hub for cyclists of all levels. From expert mechanics to event organizers, let’s introduce you to the people who make Tugende Bike Café a special place.

1. Michael Newhouse – Bike Shop and Events Lead

Meet Michael Newhouse, the driving force behind our bike shop and events. With extensive experience in bike shops across the UK and Australia, Michael has brought his expertise and love for cycling to Rwanda, a place he has called home for many years. His dedication to organizing engaging events and ensuring the smooth operation of our bike shop makes him an invaluable asset to our team. Michael’s global experience and local knowledge make him a cornerstone of Tugende Bike Café.

2. Olivier Tugirimana – Senior Mechanic

Olivier Tugirimana, our senior mechanic, grew up surrounded by bikes at the Africa Rising Cycling Center in Musanze. After spending two years working with top-tier bikes at Edge Bike Shop in Dubai, Olivier has returned to Rwanda to share his passion and expertise. His deep knowledge of bike mechanics and his commitment to the local cycling community ensure that every bike serviced at Tugende is in the best hands.

3. Jean Marie Vianney KWITONDA – Mechanic

Jean Marie Vianney KWITONDA, or simply Jean Marie, is a familiar face to many Rwandan cyclists. With years of experience working for cycling teams and bike shops around Kigali, Jean Marie’s skills as a mechanic are unparalleled. His meticulous attention to detail and his reputation for being handy on a pumptrack make him an essential member of our team. At Tugende Bike Café, Jean Marie ensures that every bike is ready for the road.

4. Elie Kwizera – Junior Mechanic

Introducing Elie Kwizera, our enthusiastic junior mechanic. Coming from a family of mechanics, Elie has been surrounded by tools and bikes his entire life. Known as a strong cyclist himself, he joins our team eager to learn and refine his skills. Elie’s passion for cycling and mechanics makes him a promising addition to our team, ready to assist and ensure your bike is in top shape.

5. Nadine Umutoni – Retail Specialist

Nadine Umutoni is the welcoming face of our retail shop. As our retail specialist, Nadine ensures that every customer finds the tools and spare parts they need. She is currently working on expanding our selection to include a variety of cool goodies and souvenirs, making sure there’s something for everyone. Nadine’s friendly demeanor and dedication to customer satisfaction make her an integral part of the Tugende experience.

6. Simon De Schutter – Director of Bike Division

Simon De Schutter, known for organizing cycling events and his extensive rides across Rwanda, is the director of our bike division. His passion for cycling and his organizational skills bring a dynamic energy to Tugende Bike Café. Simon’s leadership and vision drive our commitment to fostering a vibrant cycling community in Kigali.

Join Us at Tugende Bike Café

The team at Tugende Bike Café is dedicated to creating a welcoming and supportive environment for all cyclists. Whether you’re stopping by for a bike repair, shopping for gear, or participating in one of our events, our team is here to make your experience exceptional. Visit us at Tugende Bike Café and become part of Kigali’s thriving cycling community. We look forward to riding with you!

Our Services at Tugende Bike Café

At Tugende Bike Café, we offer a comprehensive range of services to cater to all your cycling needs. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, we’ve got you covered. Our bike shop provides top-notch bike repairs and maintenance, ensuring your ride is always in peak condition. We also sell a variety of spare parts, from essential components to specialized gear, and offer a selection of high-quality cycling apparel and accessories to keep you comfortable and stylish on the road. Additionally, we offer bike rentals for those looking to explore Kigali and its scenic surroundings on two wheels. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to help you find exactly what you need, ensuring you have everything required for a safe and enjoyable cycling experience.